Friday, August 19, 2011

Washout - August 25th

Samson being sanded out at the beginning of the day. Thick clouds of black smoke show just how much soot builds up from one day's work! - Photo by Marcie Callewaert
Every month Samson needs a bath, a very thorough bath! Washout is the day that a steam train is taken out of service in order to be cleaned out and any required maintenance is done. Samson is due for his washout on August 25th. Therefore, the Green Hornet (Our vintage 1940's gas locomotive) will be out for a day.

Every day Samson is sanded out as he is brought back up the hill by the shop. This cleans any goop or residue out of the smoke stack. It doesn't clean out the fire box though and this is what washout will deal with.

So if you stop by on August 25th, You will get to ride the Green Hornet, because Samson will be boiler deep in sudsy water!

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