Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Two of the 2011 Antique Truck Show

Day Two of the truck show was pretty awesome. Not only was the temperature -slightly- lower, but we had a blast and visitors had a great time checking out the big rigs and smaller trucks.

Here are some photos, an artistic take, on the second day of the truck show.

Front end detail from the Diamond T Logging Truck. - Photo by Marcie Callewaert

Fargo Pickup Truck - Photo by Marcie Callewaert

Samson coming up the track towards Alderlea Station - Photo by Marcie Callewaert
We hope to see you next year for the next Antique Truck Show. Please feel free to register pre 1980's vehicles of your own! We love seeing new pieces of machinery in our show, and the visitors love it as well!

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