Monday, August 8, 2011

Osprey Sightings!

 An osprey has been regularly spotted at the Centre over the past week. It has been seen perched on a tree at the south end of the trestle, flying overhead and enjoying a meal on a dead tree over the duck pond. The BCFDC is a great site for wildlife watching. Our proximity to the Somenos Marsh provides a great location for sightings of all types. There are reports of a momma deer with a fawn hanging around as well!

Here are some photos taken of this magnificent bird from last week.

The osprey staring straight at me while enjoying his meal! - photo by Marcie Callewaert

Overlooking the surrounding marsh - Photo by Marcie Callewaert
A california quail was also spotted along the tracks just opposite the Somenos Marsh Interpretive Sign.

A male california quail rests in the sun - Photo by Marcie Callewaert

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