Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Ranger Station Roofs

New cedar shake roof on the Ranger Station

 Last Friday, the roofs on the Ranger Station buildings were finished!  The buildings are now protected from the weather until about 2035, so we can focus on preserving some of the museum's other heritage buildings.

Front of the Ranger Station during roofing
Of course, things looked a lot worse before they got better last week.  The roofers put in long hours stripping the old shakes, replacing rotting fascia, and installing the roof.  Fortunately, there were no nasty surprises when the old roof came off.  The strapping and trusses were still in good condition, keeping our materials costs down.

New roof on the four-car garage

New roof, old paint
 The Ranger Station restoration project still has one major phase to complete before the winter.  Both buildings need to be scraped and repainted in order to preserve the wood siding.  The cracked and peeling white paint looks even worse now that it is contrasted against a brand new roof. A $300 donation for paint was made last week by Mike Apsey.  If you are interested in volunteering on the painting crew, please contact Aimee at

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