Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Discovery Workshops Are Back at the BCFDC
The popular Discovery Kids Summer Workshops are back at the BC Forest Discovery Centre. Workshops will run twice a day at 10:30am and 1:00pm. Workshop admittance is included in a regular museum admission, and members may use their season’s pass. No pre-registration is required.
There are four workshops: Whirlgigs and Pick-Up Sticks, Junior Conductor, Forest Survivor, and Marsh Monsters.
Whirlgigs and Pick-Up Sticks is a journey back in time. Children learn to play the same games as children did 100 years ago in logging camps.
Do you have what it takes to work on the railroad? Junior Conductor takes children on a tour of the Discovery Centre’s trains and teaches them how a steam locomotive works. The program finishes with a tour inside the cab of the locomotive from the engineer.
As a Forest Survivor, children use a compass and map to help their team navigate the Discovery Centre’s forest and solve scavenger hunt clues.
What lurks below the water’s surface? During the Marsh Monsters workshop, children explore the Somenos wetland for marsh monsters.
 “What I like most about the programs is seeing how the kids and their parents and grandparents work together,” said manager Vicki Holman. “It’s not just about the kids, it’s a very special and unique family experience.”
The workshops are designed for ages 5-12, and caregivers must remain with their children for the duration of the workshop. Summer daycamp groups can also prebook a workshop.
For more information, please visit www.discoveryforest.com, call 250-715-1113 extension 25, or email jmanuel.bcfdc@shaw.ca

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