Friday, September 2, 2011

Announcing our 2011 Photo Contest Winners!

After judging this morning by staff, we are excited to announce our photo contest winners! There was a shortage of Teen entries, so extra prizes have been awarded in both the Child and Adult categories.


1st – Rachel Gill - “Log Hook”
2nd – Isaac Adams - “Samson”
3rd – Isaac Adams - “Logging Truck”
4th – Alex Meikle - “At the Throttles”
5th – Alex Meikle - “Miniature Wheels”
6th – Rachel Gill - “Maple Trees”


1st – Joanna Adams - “Somenos Trestle”


1st – John Fairfield - “The Trestle”
2nd – Kelly Bannister - “Wow, Marsh Monsters!”
3rd – Christine Roome - “Cousins Watching for the Train”
4th – Felipe Baloran Jr. - Eccentricity of Woods”
5th – John Farifield - “Filing Shop”

Prizes will be awarded as follows in each category:
First Place - $50.00
Second Place - $35.00
Third Place - $20.00
Fourth Place - $10.00

Winners will also receive an individual membership for the 2012 season.

Congratulations to everyone!

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