Saturday, July 30, 2011

Samson's Second Day Out - With Peter at the Helm!

Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday while Peter was running #25 on her second day out. There were a few exciting moments - One in particular occurred every trip around! Two fledgling crows reportedly fell out of their nest last week behind the bunkhouses, and yesterday one of them was sitting on the tracks every trip - only leaping to safety at the last second! It can't fly yet and would crash into the bushes in its attempt to escape. The parents are keeping a watchful eye over it and it seems to be getting enough food, but this is just an example of the many things that keep us on our toes here! Now enough talking, here are those photos I promised!
Peter driving Samson up the hill past the bunkhouses! Photo by Marcie Callewaert
Samson making her way over the Somenos Lake Trestle - Photo by Marcie Callewaert
Peter taking in the action at the lower grounds as we stopped for our 10 min break.  -Photo by Marcie Callewaert
~By Marcie Callewaert

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